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Illustrating your best moments

And decorating you and your place!

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Illustrate your best moments



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What's in your mind?

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About Me

Hey hey. Welcome to my website! I am Fátima a Brazilian Social Media and Illustrator based in sunny Brisbane, Australia.


My inspiration is people, colours, outfits, styles and nature as well. I have started illustrating fashion and along the way, I started having people requesting me to illustrate them. 

What did all these requests have in common? They were all very important moments of their own lives! Which they felt the urge to express it creatively shining again that spark of Happiness.

And it became my most popular project “Illustrating your best moments”.

I feel so honoured for being able to be part of such an important moment in people’s lives. But if you think this is all, wait for it … I also have been able to bring to life illustrations ideas that people had in their minds and didn’t know how to translate into a drawing.

Hope you enjoy a little bit of my work here.
And if you want an illustration, drop me a message or follow me on social media.

Have an amazing day and life!

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Thank you!!! It warmed my heart.



Thank you so much, love it. And thank you for registering all the processes of creating it!


Veronica Duenas

I love your drawings, and how you connected them with different cultures around the world



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